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DAI's Recent Energy Transition Projects

Area of Expertise:

Energy Transition

Evaluation of novel ionic membrane-based process for CO2 capture and separation
  • Location: USA

  • Time period:  2019-2020

  • Client: US private investor

  • Work scope: Evaluate "demonstration unit" and test results for novel membrane-based process to be used for CO2 capture and separation from, for example, FCC and heater exhaust gas.  Comment on technology readiness level (TRL), process scalability, estimated commercial unit manufacturing costs, and proposed technology commercialization schedule. 

  • Deliverables: Final report with recommendations. Q&A session with client.

US Refinery GHG Emissions Calibration

  • Location: USA

  • Time Period:  2021-2022

  • Client: SMARTREF User

  • Work Scope: Calibrated GHG emissions calculated SMARTREF with actual emissions data for the hydrogen (SMR) plant, FCC, and other process unit emissions as reported to EPA..

  • Deliverables: Update to SMARTREF Model standardizing GHG refinery emissions

Independent Engineer Review of Proposed Renewable Diesel Production Facility

  • Location: USA

  • Time period:  2017-2018

  • Client: Entrepreneur/owner

  • Work scope: Complete a standard IE evaluation of a seed oil and UCO fed, first of its kind, renewable diesel facility. The evaluation covered the entire chain, from facility layout, environmental and permits plan reviews, civil & structural review, demonstration run review to commercial design basis and HMB reviews, feedstock and product storage, and finally commissioning and startup management…

  • Deliverables: Independent Engineer report on proposed renewable diesel production facility

Recycling of Waste Plastics

  • Location: USA

  • Time Period:  2020-2021

  • Client: Freepoint Ecosystems

  • Work Scope: Led the development and process design of Freepoint-Ecosystems’ 90,000 tpy Advanced Recycling Project in Columbus, OH. This will be the world’s largest advanced recycling plant. Also provided competitive study addressing waste plastic sources, supply quantities and a review of sixteen US  technology suppliers with various

    process pathways.

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