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Development: Maritime Vessel Projects and Marine Infrastructure Evaluations

A private equity firm purchased 20 vessels (barges and tugs) at auction. These vessels were not in condition to Return to Service (RTS) without substantial rehabilitation and replacement of equipment.

Area of Expertise:


Project Example

Project Management Consultant

DAI Energy Services
  • Downstream Advisors brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Maritime Industry through its DAI Energy Services subsidiary.

  • Full-time consultants with DAI have extensive backgrounds with Vessel Classing Authorities, USCG, US and International Shipyards, and Offshore projects for Upstream Oil and Gas Companies.

  • These skills and experience enable our company to assist customers in planning, new construction, restoration, and classing of Maritime Vessels and Maritime Infrastructure.

  • DAI Energy Services is leading this customer through identifying necessary scopes of work, planning, directing shipyard personnel, and working with classing authorities and USCG to put these vessels back to work and under contract.

Maritime Infrastructure Evaluations
  • Potential for hazards to navigation for arrival and departure  

  • Port infrastructure – piers, docks, bulkheads, available drafts, mooring arrangement quantities, and ratings

  • Port support vessels – assist tugs, mooring line tenders, fender deployment tenders, spill response vessels  

  • Marine operation processes and procedures

  • Inspection documentation and repairs of supporting components from the offshore floating production facility, through the transmission pipelines, to shore reception.

Project Outcome

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