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Refining Market Outlook, Price Forecast, and Competitive Analysis

Identifying, measuring, and acting on valuable opportunities requires a global and granular understanding of the key issues and drivers that are shaping the economic landscape of the world’s refining and petrochemical industries.

Area of Expertise:

Market Analysis


Key issues in today’s outlook include the impact of the war in Ukraine and regional demand changes given energy transition in more developed countries.

  • Partnering with other market experts, Downstream Advisors is utilizing its extensive market models and databases to produce a comprehensive supply and demand and pricing outlook.

  • In addition to identifying key issues and trends, analysis and price forecasts rely on detailed global and regional supply and demand balances with an eye toward understanding the marginal costs of supply in an environment of changing demand and processing capacities.

Models / Databases


Since its inaugural edition of the Global Oil Outlook in 2016, DAI has since incorporated the competitive margin comparison of over 650 of the world’s refineries.

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