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SMARTREF Refinery Simulator

Energy transition strategies require an accurate understanding of the CO2 emissions from the production and manufacturing of refined products.

Area of Expertise:

Market Analysis

Project Example

SMARTREF Modelling to Support Energy Transition Strategies


Downstream Advisors’ SMARTREF refinery simulation model is uses optimisation to provide material-balanced charges and yields, margins, and CO2e emissions for user-defined inputs: Crude oils and other feedstocks, refinery processing unit capacities, product specifications, and prices.

Modelling Approach

SMARTREF has been calibrated to match the CO2e emissions of refineries and then used to model improvements, reconfigurations, and technology additions in a way that identifies the best economic strategy for energy transition.

Calibration Steps
  1. Match the charges, yields, and process unit throughputs.

  2. Match the Stationary Source Emissions (ISBL and Offsites).

  3. Match the Hydrogen (SMR) Plant, FCC, and Other Process Unit Emissions.


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