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Technical: Model Review and Optimisation

An integrated refiner sought to significantly increase its profitability by ensuring best practices in its planning and optimization process, systems, and modeling.

Area of Expertise:


Project Example

Process, Systems, and Model Review


DAI consultants were engaged to review processes and systems and profitability of the group refineries.

  • DAI consultants worked in collaboration with client employees in corporate planning, trading, scheduling, refinery planning, and operations to ensure best practices and identify actionable profit opportunities.

  • System and model reviews included molecular management optimization and constraint busting approaches with a profit-based focus.

  • The schedule entailed one month information gathering; one month of collaborative, on-site meetings; one month of follow-up analysis with a final presentation to executive team

  • Review showed systems and procedures to be of very high standards and the client’s team to be highly engaged and professional.

  • Over 4500 model constraints were reviewed.

  • Initial analysis selected 49 ideas to further develop, classified in operational / optimization / routing / planning categories.


Immediate profit implemented for USD 30+ million per year.

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